Adam, Eve and Noah

Church playgroup has been going so well. It’s very exciting because starting a new ministry can be so nerve wrecking.

This years theme is People of the Bible. We started with Adam and Eve {duh!} and the next week was Noah.

We read the Adam and Eve story from the kids bible and then they colored stick puppets. I love it because my kids are still using them in their puppet shows. – my new favorite blog.

Then the kids make paper plate snakes. Next we had our snack time. Today their plates were trees and the snack motts fruit snacks. The idea was for the kids to follow direction and put the fruit in the trees but not to eat it until their mommy told them too. We tried to explain how God knows what’s best for us just how Mommy and Daddy know what’s best for their kids so make sure you have your listening ears on when they give you direction.  

For Noah I took out the kids little people Noah’s Ark and read from the book Bible Stories for Boys. Then I let the kids put all the animals in the ark.

I made construction paper arks and bought foam sticker animals. The kids loved it. 

Next we made our snack. Banana arks and animal crackers. Too fun! 

For outside I made rainbow streamers. These were so easy and inexpensive with $1 shower rings and $1 table cloths from Walmart. I got the idea from this blog.


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