Sweet Memories

Daddy put together Gracie’s big girl bed aka her Elsa bed. She is totally in love with it. It tears at my heart to see her little self asleep in a big bed. I just can’t believe it. 

Today the kids were VERY busy. Busy meaning destructive but this pregnancy has me too tired so I’m finding “learning” in all this disasters they create and I just let them do.

For one Grace poured about half a bottle of baby powder on the tile and once I realized I couldn’t breath anymore and turned around to notice this mess she had me convinced that actually it was an ice skating rink. 

 This is the floor I so proudly vacuumed and mopped yesterday, which these days is a huge accomplishment. I’m glad I helped prep this floor for ice skating.

I’ve been watching a lot of the cooking channel. It’s torture but I can’t stop. Weird part the kids love it. Timmy is like oooo what are they cooking today? Well today he took it one step further and made a “soup.” When he offered me this soup I nearly puked. It was chunky and brown. He named each ingredient so proudly and then told me how he made it just like the pros do. 

First he squeezed the juice out of a strawberry. Added water, snowflake crackers, animal crackers, peanut butter, a bagel and a hot chocolate packet. I don’t know if I was bothered more by the mess or that he used my last bagel. Poor kid really wanted me to try it. Not happening. But a few minutes later Grace was there with a spoon. Ahhhhhhhhh!! So gross and she actually liked it. That girl will eat anything. 

I’m starting to think that I should give up on cleaning. This my friends is what happens when you slip off to the bathroom to give it a good scrub. 

 I was feeling so proud of my sparkling bathroom and then this. Now earlier that morning I read a blog post on how to be a happier mom. My normal response to this masterpiece would have included yelling, a lot of yelling. But I held it together, washed her of her body paint and set her up with paper. And I’m glad I did because as I was cleaning her up she said mom do you think I look beautiful. I sure do Grace let me take a picture for Daddy.

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