38 weeks!

Well we are still pregnant. 6 more days!

Tonight I asked Tim if he was ready for how tired we are about to be ANDDD he says how can i even be more tired than i am right now. This, my friends, is NOT a good sign. Our #1 fight post baby is who is more tired. This man thinks he is already tired. 

Luckily we both already know how hard a new baby is on a marriage. After that first week of baby glow, things start to get real, real fast. Sleep deprivation is no joke. But this is our third. So i knew going in that Daddy does not do nights. I know that in the next few weeks while he snores and I rock our new baby I will have thoughts to hurt him. Jussssst kidding, not really 😬.

I am so ready though. My bag has been packed with everything down to matching bows if its a girl and matching hats if its a boy. The baby even packed a little gift for Timmy and Grace. I filled baby bottles with gummie bears and skittles. They are going to think this baby is the coolest. Having all three of my babies meet for the first time is going to be the most special moment ever.

Our final days of just us three relaxing and catching up on our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Whoa! 😂

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