39 weeks

In 8 hours or so we will be a family of FIVE! Its very exciting. Timmy & Grace can’t wait. Tim is like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Me. Scared.

I cant help but think of the terrible what ifs that leave my kids without a mom. Honestly i want to go in their room right now and wake them up and put them in my bed. 

Timmy led us in prayer tonight saying how much he loved the baby and cant wait to feed the baby and change diapers. Grace was too busy running around with Max to say more than 2 words of her prayer. She sure does love that boy.

I want this surgery to be over and be holding all my babies. 

I just finished wrapping Gracie’s birthday presents. Tomorrow is going to be an extra special day and I better attempt some sleep.

I love these kids more than all the everything of all time ❤️

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