Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Girl

The more babies you have the faster they grow. My sweet baby is 6 months! I’m already planning her 1st birthday. She is such a blessing. She is the happiest baby ever & boy does she love her mama.

Its like we are still one body. Literally she wants to be attached to me in someway all day. Right now she has her hand over my face. And I think by your third kid you just don’t mind because you know how fast they grow. 

Lydia is 18 pounds 27.5 inches. She’s wearing 9 months clothing and size 3 diapers. No teeth yet & praise Jesus because she is a biter. She’s still nursing like a champ. I’m scared for teeth because her gums inflict enough pain already.

She’s sitting up by herself. She’s attempting crawling but so far she only goes in reverse. Slow down missy!

She says mama & dada ❤️

She blows kisses ❤️❤️

So far she’s tasted bananas, zucchini, applesauce and oatmeal.

I love taking pictures of her. She smiles with her whole being especially her eyes.

She scratches to fall asleep, could be the sheet or my arm, she doesn’t care. Ouch!

Her baby babble is so sweet. She already loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She naps in her swing and sleeps snuggled up to mommy at night. I love it. I remember how I slept with Timmy & Gracie and I just can’t believe those days are gone. 

Timmy & Gracie just adore her. Its hard to keep them off of her. Gracie sings her songs  about how they are best friends that makes my heart burst. Timmy comes in our room every morning and greets her with a good morning sweetie pie. I have the sweetest kids.

Timmy is such a proud big brother. Last night he prayed that I would have 2 more baby BOYS. He really wants a brother. 

Here are the cutest mini SnowWhites you’ve ever seen! 

So if Lydia is 6 months that means Grace is 3 1/2. I hope these two enjoy sharing a birthday 😬 I’m excited about it. 

I think I am settled on a You are my Sunshine theme for Lydia’s first birthday party. For Grace I’m going to do Build-a-Bear party and for her present I want to take her to Disney for the Bippity Boppity Boutique experience. This way this first year of sharing a birthday is extra special. 

This is Lydia and Grace at the same age.

The Lord has truly blessed me with these babies. Lydia really is an angel straight from His hands to mine. We love her so much and I am so honored to be her mommy.

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