Sweet Memories

Timmy is so sick with a stomach bug. Gracie is so sad she can’t kiss him so now they’re blowing kisses back and for to each other.

Caught Grace having a tea party with her stuffed animals.

Grace is so proud that I let her hold Lydia.

Timmy is outside on the swings and I can hear him all the way inside singing his heart out. That alone is sweet. But the cherry on top is that he’s singing, “The cross has made you flawless.” I mean louddddd super loud. Hope my neighbors enjoy the free concert.

Grace is also singing.. from the toilet. Her lyrics a tad different, “A babys gotta do what a babys gotta doooooo.” We started watching Rugrats so she must have picked that up from little Tommy. I love that show. Like I enjoy it for real. I actually prefer it to most adult shows these days.

Painting our nails together. Doesn’t get any  better than this.

This chick is tough 😂

So my Dad told me his New Years Resolution was to play more with kids. How seeet is that.

We bought Sea World passes for our friends and made these hand print party animals.

Look closely and you will see a lizard resting on a blanket all tucked in after his nice warm bath. My son is the ultimate lizard lover.

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