Airport Field Trip

I love homeschooling. I really really do. It is not easy but not once have I thought about sending my kids to school. I’ve seriously been preparing for homeschooling since Timmy was in the womb. Lol. I really feel like its one of the many blessings that God has put in my life. 

We belong to a couple of co-ops who do amazing field trips. This one by far has been my favorite. Missionary Flights International is a company that partners with missionaries to fly people and supplies to Haiti & the Dominican.

They started by showing the kids a video of the needs in these 2 places. Timmy was so heartbroken by it. Just today he said he needs to get to work so he can buy more tents for the kids who have nothing.

Then they gave us a tour of an airplane. Timmy was terrified but he eventually got into it. 

The pilot showed them the cockpit and let them sit in the the pilot seats.

Then they let them get in an airplane fire truck. The kids really loved this. 

The last thing we did was watch planes take off and land.

How sweet is this photo. Timmy is so over protective of Grace. He had to put his arm around her be ause he didn’t want her running off.

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