Lydia is 10 months

She’s just so happy, her eyes smile. & she has the craziest laugh. Like sometimes it sounds a little devilish. ​

​She big into immitating everything we do. Shakes her head no, blows raspberries, clicks her tongue. She says the word hi at least we think. She’s stands by herself for like half a second. I just bought 18 month pjs and size 4 diapers. She’s all over the place and everything goes in her mouth. She hums herself to sleep. Still loves her swing. Just learned how to throw things. Does not like avacado but love broccoli. Sorta figuring out drinking water. Still wears her bows like a champ. Can’t keep shoes on for a minute. Loves Minnie Mouse. Took her first bath without the bath seat. 

She is so loved.

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