My Dad is 7-0

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday. Seems crazy. 

We’ve gone all out on his last few big birthdays & boy has life changed from birthday to birthday.

At his 50th birthday my mom threw him a huge surprise party with a golf theme at a country club. He was in the prime of his life & living large. Family from all over flew in to surprise him.

On his 60th we planned a surprise cruise. He knew him & my mom were going on a cruise but when he turned the corner past the passport check in we were all standing there plus his mom & sister. He was so surprised and ALOT concerned about who paid for all of us 😂 At that point me, Jessica and Erica brought our boyfriends on this trip.

This picture is from Tina & Tonys fake wedding. He just looks so happy here. This was 7 years ago.

For his 65th birthday we went to Discovery Cove. We got a cabana with a butler, full bar. Everyone came plus grandma Leslie. Me and Tim were married plus little Timmy. Jessica and Matt were married and a little surprise, John was proposing to Erica. It was so cute. He had a dolphin swim over to her with a buoy that said Will you Marry me?

The years between his 65th and 70th birthday have been hard. There have been many ups and downs with his health and he now lives with me permanently. My parents have divorced and we’ve added 3 more grandkids and one on the way. Victoria has met an awesome guy who is also a chef (!!!) and my mom is engaged to a wonderful man who really loves our kids. He is the grandpa my kids might never have had. Both me & Tims dads are elderly and can’t play with the kids or spoil them the way my moms fiancé does. Nothing has shown me more that God has a plan, than this realization of the gift that Tom has been to this family. 

Now my Dad lives for the days when all his kids are in the same room. Nothing brings him more joy than to sit and listen to the laughter. So that’s just what we did for his 70th birthday. We had a feast for a king! It was a great day with my favorite company and the best chefs I know!

The grand babies!

The chefs!

The poor yummy lobsters! RIP

The birthday boy!

His mini me!


He was excited!

Carols first lobster! & she spit it out 😱

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