Happy Fourth!

Fourth of July was extra sweet this year.

The day before we went and visited a local nursing home with our homeschool group and passed out some of our art, festive necklaces and mini flags to the residents. My kids worked very hard on their little crafts.

And who’s day wouldn’t be made brighter by these cute faces!

Our dogs are terrified of fireworks and not like regular scared dogs more like the eat through your walls type. I wish I was exaggerating but my dogs did literally eat through a door AND a wall one July 4th. This forces us to stay home every year.

We brought all red white and blue to church on Sunday 🇺🇸

We had a really simple day. We visited one of the ladies from church who is in rehab for back surgery. Then we came home and went swimming in our blow up pool and that turned into a family water gun fight. If I could have I would have froze that moment in time. All of laughing and playing made me so happy. When Daddy gets in on the fun it just lights these kids up.

Then we grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and corn. Daddy did a little teaching by talking about all the states that make up our country and telling the kids about which places he’s visited. Then he read them a book about the USA. The kids were so eager for it to get dark so that we could shoot off our very first ever fireworks. This was a big deal for me. I’m paranoid of fireworks. But I admit that it was thrilling and worth all my anxiety because my kids thought it was amazing. 

After our own show we went for a drive to see some more.

The best part of the whole thing… Hearing my kids go on and on about how this was the best day EVER! 

More pictures…

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