Lydia is 11 months

I just had her I swear and just like that it’s almost her first birthday. Every day with her is sweeter than the next. She is the happiest little girl.

Ooooo I could just squish her!

She is officially standing with no hands!

I really could photograph her all day.

And boy does she love her Daddy. Every time he walks in the room she yells Hi Dada! It is so sweet. 

At her check up she weighed 21 pounds and 29.5 inches. She has 6 teeth and is wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes. Still not enough hair for a bow but we are working on it! Mickey Mouse is her main man and it’s bitsy her favorite song. 

She loves the water. This month we took her swimming at Aunt Erica’s and to the beach.

We finally ditched the bath seat and she’s so happy about it.

I’m loving watching her start to play with Timmy and Grace. She just wants to be part of the party now.

The invitation were sent out this week, decorations started, outfits ordered.. We are so excited to celebrate this little blessing. A whole year of all the happiness. We give Him all the glory for entrusting us with this sweet little angel.

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