Our Little Sunshine Party

My princesses are ONE and FOUR! We really had the best day ever celebrating these little girls.

I picked You are my Sunshine for the theme and I worked so hard on all the little crafts to make it extra special.

I made this Sunshine wreath for the front door. 

I made this sign with the girl foot prints and it’s so sweet I’m gonna move it to their room after the party.

The Sunshine cups I ordered from oriental trading and I put all the little guests names on the back.

For party favors I ordered these Star sunglasses also from oriental trading and tied a thank you note to them.

I painted the these wood letters from Timmy’s first birthday {😭} and added glitter and a bow. It basically felt like kindergarten in this house with all the arts & crafts.

My mom made flower letters of the girls first initials. I’m going to put these above their beds.

I painted this photo booth on a cardboard box. So easy.

Even the fireplace got decorated. I stuffed the pinata with ring pops and balls.

I attempted to recreate Gracies first birthday picture with Lydia. Pretty close!

The smash cake for Lydia I made myself clearly. My sister made Graces cake and it’s like a delicious piece of art. Someone needs to give this girl a dose of confidence to open her own cake bakery business.

We had some extra desserts for really no good reason other then they were pink and yellow so I had to have them. The birthday hats were so adorable. Of course a crown for Grace.

We had an endless amount of food and I did not take any pictures other than the cereal display. My little sister made this, so sweet. We had fancy donuts, all kinds of bagels, egg cups filled with bacon or sausage with crescents or tatertots as the bottom, all the fruit, & muffins. 

My mom made this “horseshoe” flower game played with glow in the dark necklaces instead of horseshoes. The winners got butterfly marshmallow snack bags.

We had a little coloring station for any artists that came to the party.

And the best part, the water slide present from Memaw. Only the best.

And a mini pool for the littles birthday girl and her crew.

The kids had so much fun. Nothing beats an old fashion pinata. I feel like these are such classic birthday memories.

Even a water balloon fight broke out!

Gracie and her best friend! I can’t tell you what a joy it is to raise my kids with my best friend and her girls. It’s a gift. 


& alllllll the presents. Seriously Christmas morning type madness.

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