Cruising the Open Seas

Gracie’s birthday had a part 2. Memaw suggested this awesome PonTiki place and I thought it was a gra at way to give Grace her own little celebration since this was the first year she had to share her birthday with Lydia. 

Si we took the kids on their first boat ride. And what a blast. It felt like actual vacation and it was only a hour ride. 
A little sunset cruise with Bob Marley music and endless beer and wine. Dreamy.

The kids loved it. Just living the life sippy their mini water bottles.

The boat captain even let them drive.

Then he took us to a sand bar and we went swimming and both my crazy kids went down the slide off the back of the boat. I was a nervous wreck. I love the look and feel of the ocean but mmm scares me to death. Grace learned to swim like a week ago and with no life jacket she’s jumping off the boat telling me she doesn’t need me. Poor kids are gonna realize very soon that their mother is a neurotic crazy person. I mean my 5.5 year old is still in a 5 point harness car seat and I can tell if that’s normal 😂 Safety first kidsssss 

Here’s the adults soaking it in.

Happy Birthday to my sweet everyday tiara wearing ballerina princess. I hope all your birthday dreams came true.

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