Lydia is 1

I am the luckiest mama because I really do have the best baby. She’s so happy and easy going. 

Here’s my little DIY first birthday photo shoot. And for $0.00 I totally love them.

This month has been full of fun new things. She’s giving high fives, playing peek-a-boo, saying hi & bye. 

Lydia is still in my bed. Spoiled. & she is still nursing. I tried a milk bottle, she laughed.

She is not quite walking. She stand up without holding on but that’s as far as she’ll take it. She’s in no rush.

She’s an eating machine and the grocery bill feels the burn. I’ve graduated to Sams Club for fruit and snacks. It’s the only way to keep food in the house for more than 2 days.

She got her first set of wheels.

She’s ready to be one of the big kids. She just loves when they are running around and she tries so hard keep up.

I love this picture of her.

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