Summertime Memories

School starts Monday. We are so ready for our homeschool routine. Here’s some simple sweet memories.

Swimming with our cousins celebrating Jacksons 1st birthday.

Timmy says he’s big enough to put his own sunscreen on.

I really can’t deal with how cute these divas are.

Um Timmy lost his first tooth. Really took my breath away when he told me his tooth was loose. 

He wrote the tooth fairy a sweet little note.

Lydia had a breakfast date and was clearly famished.

Timmy gave Grace a manicure. He’s such a good brother. Treats her like a princess.

Lydia’s very first hair clip!

Lydia’s first pedicure. I love these little toes.

Teaching Aunt Toria how to win Candyland.

Lots of Barbie playing.

Beach Days!

& Nights!

They did some baking. We went bowling with friends, we went to the science museum and worked the day at Home Depot.

& SeaWorld with my favorite BIG kids. Sam is a senior this year. I can’t believe it.
But that’s a wrap kids. Time to get back to work! On Monday I officially have a Kindergartner!

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