Back to School 2017

My kids start begging to get back to school come August so this year we started 2 weeks early. 

Daddy seems to think back to school clothes for homeschool is insanity but I think he’s wrong obviously.

I love this kindergarten boy so much!

& the Pre-K princess!

We had a great first week. But who wouldn’t when you start your Monday at a water park! I was so nervous to take all three to a water park solo but we did pretty good. Timmy & Grace stuck together like glue so it made it easy to keep tabs on them. I seriously nursed Lydia on the lazy river 😂😂 & of course ran into someone from high school. I couldn’t tell if she thought I was totally awesome or very much insane.

When I told the kids to take a break from the slides for a picture this was the best I could get. I’m working on not trying to document every aspect of the day with a picture but it is so hard. And half way thru day 1 of my attempt to snap pictures less here I was snapping away. 

We did some All About Me worksheets. Classic back to school stuff.

We had some music time with our new instruments and our new DJ – Alexa. Seriously I did not think there would be any use for this Alexa thing but I was wrong. She plays all my jams when I ask her to which is nice, no cds, no iPhone needed during music time. Works great.

Our unit study for the next 2 weeks is Our Body. So during music I had Timmy and Gracie teach Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes to Lydia. She loves being part of the crew.

We went to mass for the assumption of Mary celebration. So precious to see my husband kneeling and praying with my kids. I can’t love him more in those moments.

We opened up our Shape & Learn Playdoh gift. Which was perfect because it has a feelings face that fits perfect into our theme. Gracie made a beautiful happy face with a side pony.

Then we read the first two pages of Peek Inside Your Body. So much information. The second page taught about poop and Timmy could not handle it at all. He thinks it’s so gross.

The parts they liked were finding each other’s pulse, looking for veins and learning that it only takes 60 seconds for blood to travel through your whole body. 

We ended the day at the park with our friends. And lucky for these kids the ice cream man stopped by the park. Smart guy. 

I shared my ice cream with this beauty ❤️

She was so happy to swing. I think we are going to make this a regular afternoon thing so we can keep in touch with our friends who are in public school.

Timmy did his first lesson in his Horizon math workbook. It starts very easy with reviewing counting to 10 and Grace is reviewing numbers as well and her shapes.

On Thursday we took Lydia to her very first story time and checked out some books. She so loved it and they sang itsy bitsy spider which is totally her jam.

The next to pages of our Body book talk about bones and muscles. My kids are obsessed with muscles thanks to ninja warrior. So it was very interesting to them. Some interesting facts they learned were that babies have more bones than adults and how fast our brain stores information. We played a memory game so I could show them that their brains remember things without them even knowing it. I had them find each other’s spine and we learned that the largest muscle is their booty and largest bone is the thigh bone.

After we made a skeleton with straws and playdoh.

They asked to do puzzles so I thought I’d see if they were ready for real puzzles. Boy was I surprised. They put together 4 puzzles no problem. We might be ready for the really small pieces now.

I surprised them with a visit to a pottery studio. They were so happy to be painting statues. I ended up booking a field trip for our homeschool class to do a canvas painting class.

Every night Daddy is reading to them from their kid bible start to finish. I’m not sure how long it will take but I’m really enjoying the refresher of all the main events in such simple words. It’s my favorite part of the day. All my kids snuggled in my bed and listening to the words of God. A picture would never be able to show the beauty in those moments. There’s just some things a camera can not capture.

I really feel Jesus tapping me on the shoulder lately with my picture taking obsession. It hit me right in the face the other night at sunset. If you’ve ever tried to capture a sunset on camera you already know it’s impossible. The eyes see it so much better. I’m missing the true beauty when I stay behind the camera to get that perfect picture, just so I can look back on it later rather than see it first hand. My kids are so amazing to me, no picture will ever suffice for what’s real in today’s everyday moments. 

I’m going way off topic here but someone posted that Being Instagram famous is like being monopoly rich. How true. We are a world obsessed with attention and I don’t want to be that. My worth is right here in this house with these little people, who deserve all my attention.  

Well tomorrow is field trip Friday! We are going to Flying Panda trampoline park and I’m not gonna take one photo. Not a one.

I hope this year is full of the happiest moments and lots of special memories. I am so blessed to be afforded this extra time with my kids by homeschooling. Blessed to have a husband that believes in me without a doubt and a community full of awesome moms to do this together with.

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