Christmas Dance Recital

This is one of my favorite things. This show just puts us right in the mood for Christmas. I don’t know that there will be another one though because Grace just doesn’t love ballet. Well that’s not 100% true. Grace loves ballet, Grace does NOT love being told how to do ballet. She actually told me she doesn’t need lessons because she already knows it all. I mean can she get any cuter or sassy. She was a beautiful ballerina while it lasted and maybe she.’lol go back one day.

Now Timmy. He stole the show. He just loves being on stage. Watching him up there made me realize how little he still is. In our house he’s the big boy but on stage he was just a little 5 year old boy dancing his heart out.

He was so proud of himself. In this last picture he’s doing a cartwheel. Now I didn’t know it at the time but all week he was practicing cartwheels in the backyard. When he got off stage he was like mom did you seeee! I did a cartwheel even tho Ms Devin said I wasn’t ready to do cartwheels!

In these pictures you’ll see why I’m so sad Grace doesn’t want to do ballet anymore. Hopefully one day she changes her mind because she is the most beautiful little ballerina angel.

Timmy was so excited Max was there to cheer him on. That’s how Grace really feels about ballet lessons. Lol

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