Thanksgiving 2017

It’s March. 2018. Every year I do the same thing. I get wrapped up in the holiday busyness and neglect my blog. And every year I hate my self for it.

So here’s to catching up and hoping I remember all the goodness.

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. We actually celebrated with our family on Friday instead of Thursday. That’s because we have a new family member, Brandon, Torias fiancĂ© who works most holidays. And honestly I loved it.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early with my little crew and started our baking.

They were so excited to help me. For our little family dinner we had lasagna. The next day we had the real turkey dinner with all my favorite people.We started a tradition last year where we put up the nativity the day after Thanksgiving and Tim surprised me with a few new pieces to our set.

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