A Very Merry Christmas in Pictures

Well this year got a little complicated when Timmy wrote out his Christmas list….

Yup that’s a Puppy. And yea our Santa does not disappoint and he kinda takes it to the max. So we have an English Mastiff named Rosary now. There is nothing like a puppy under the tree. Nothing. Best Christmas ever.

Christmas time in pictures…

There was a Santa’s Spa Party and I tho k it’s a new tradition that is gonna stick. It was too cute.

There was also a Christmas in Naples. My mom is the cutest. Her and Tom go all out for these kids and by all out I mean they got them a unicorn 🦄 for Christmas. It was a beautiful little mini vacation for Christmas.

Christmas Eve Snowman Contest! And the Christmas Eve pageant 💗

And this man. Ugh. I’m so blessed to call him mine.

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