January Highlights

Happy New Years! This night used to mean late night partying and drinking and now it’s kid cocktails and 8 PM bedtimes. And I love it!

It rained so we were excited to try out our new umbrellas and rain boots from Christmas.

Denver turned 16!

We visited Kennedy Space Center for the first time. It was awesome! My kids really fell in love with Space that day. That trip was a great intro into our space unit.Herr are some of our space unit activities.

We made our compost bin finally. Timmy has been begging for years to go this. He’s fascinated by it.

We started our garden. We planted carrots, eggplant, basil, romaine, cucumbers, sweet peas, tomatoes and a bell pepper. I let the kids do it all. We read a book about gardening and growing your own food before we started and we all learned a lot.

Then I took them to a farmers vegetable garden to show them what ours could look like if we worked hard. This was a great day. They were covered in mud from head to toe but we had so much fun learning about what was ripe and the different types of vegetables. I loved seeing Lydia’s little fingers picking cherry tomatoes mixed with all the mud on her hands. She’s really getting so big and she’s starting to want to be part of our school time.

We visited an orange grove. They showed us everything about running a citrus farm from planting the seeds, to picking the fruit, sorting out the good the bad and the perfect and then washing them, polishing and packaging. It was a very educational trip. The kids were able to try 3 different oranges, orange juice and orange ice cream. You can see in the pictures who loved the oranges and who didn’t.

Next we learned about all things cold. We had a snow party with our friends. I bought fake snow for them to play with, we made snowmen snacks and did a 5 senses activity with snow cone ice, that’s the closest thing to snow we can get here.

Then we learned about the coldest places on Earth. Of course we studied penguins because we love them. We learned how the mom and dad take turns keeping their babies warm and off the ice. Timmy practiced with the egg since that’s the Dads job and Grace took care of the baby penguin just like a mom penguin. We learned how they stay warm because they’re feather have a wax that keeps the water rolling off. We learned a lot about polar bears, for one they have black skin so that they can absorb as much of the suns heat as they can. I taught that by having them bake chocolate cupcakes “polar bear body” and covering it with vanilla icing “fur.” And I made them polar bear hot chocolate! We did the blubber experiment with crisco and Timmy made a marshmallow hibernation den. We learned about what animals hibernate and which ones stick it out and who flies south. We watched the Frozen Planet, side note lots of animals die in that movie.

We made blessing bags for the homeless with our church friends.

And here’s some pretty portraits for this camera obsessed mama. I love these little faces!

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