February in Pictures

I’m really just trying to catch up so I can start writing about what’s currently going on. Trying to remember all the detailed sweet things they say and do is hard.

I signed Timmy and Grace up for a 4 week soccer clinic and they totally loved it.

Victoria got married to Mr. Brandon!

We went for on the most amazing boat ride field trip. We saw so many dolphins and 2 manatees. It felt like vacation honestly.

We wrote out Valentines cards to hand out at the nursing home with our friends.

We went to Lion Country Safari and Lydia was obsessed with the giraffes and the big kids were big enough to ride the rides alone. And we were all obsessed with the ostrich.

Erica had a baby. Lol seriously it’s been such a crazy beginning for 2018. Sweet little Madeline came a little early and she’s just perfect.

Grace and Daddy had their annual father daughter dance. I love these memories he’s making with her.

We attended our first Valentine card exchange and we had the best time making our mailboxes.

I threw Lydia’s baby friends a Valentine party. I love that she has her own group of friends.

I took some pretty portraits because duh.

On Valentines morning I made XO pancakes and strawberry milk in their new heart cups. They were so happy. Pretty meals make my kids feel so special.

We did some candy heart school work. First we graphed then by color and then we added water to the colors to see if it would make water paint. Then Aunt Sam surprised us with the cutest Valentine gift basket. She’s the best!

We celebrated Ash Wednesday with our church friends. We practiced putting ashes on each other’s foreheads with black eyeshadow.

The kids served at the Lenten soup dinner for our church. They were a huge hit in their aprons and chef hats.

Grace really loves art. Like it’s definitely a passion for her. I love when the kids can do their art outside. Makes me feel super.

We went to visit little cousin Jackson and mmm check out this cuteness. First Lydia totally looks like a boss and Jackson is such a love. I love how their little chunky hands holding on to each other.

Timmy and Daddy had their first Cub Scout camp out. Timmy has been dreaming of this night. He is officially going to he a Tiger and Daddy is going to his den leader. I’m really so proud of my man. Who knew sexy was a man leading a Cub Scout group. Timmy wanted a picture from all sides in his new uniform.

Well is girls had a little celebration of our own complete with makeovers and a fancy bath.

Little Rosary is not so little these days. These pictures are 2 months and 4 months!

We learned about America for Presidents Day. We focused on American symbols and songs. Timmy labeled a map with the states he knew – Florida, Wyoming and Texas because of his buddy Lukas. We read so many books about the USA and even more books about bald eagles. I’m trying to follow their lead on what they’re interested in and then get a lot of books to read on what they’re seen most excited about within our units.

Some more pretty.

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