Sweet Memories

Gracie made Tim a birthday card and she wrote, “Daddy I love you you. Your heart is like a rainbow.”

Tonight it’s just me and Lydia. We shared some blue box Mac & cheese and popcorn while we watched Hallmark. Now she’s hanging ornaments on my toes and grabbing my face with her cheesy little hands.

At church whenever they start to sing Lydia grabs my hands and stands on the pew and we dance. For every. single. song.

These two love dancing. This was the sweetest show I e ever seen.I took a bath in the kids tub because for some reason the water gets hotter in there. Lydia thought it was the funniest thing. She was hysterical putting her little hands over her face like she could not believe I was in her tub.

Lydia is the tickle monster now. She puts her hands up to warm you that a tickle attack is coming only her attacks are more violent then tickling. But we all fake laugh anyway.

I sat outside today on a blanket and read a chapter book with the kids. It was so nice. We would take breaks between chapters to just soak up the nice weather. We actually watched the bees collect pollen and then we were quiet enough that a daddy cardinal landed in our bird feeder so we watched him eat. That’s how slow our December days have been. So slow that the highlight of our day was watching the bees. And of course Grace picked me a lovely weed bouquet. I love these days.

I’m making peanut butter cookies and I go to eat one and Timmy says heyyyy those are for St Nick. And I tell him I’m just making sure they’re not poison. And he says, “don’t be ridiculous you’re the best cook I know!”

Lydia thinks that every decoration is for Jesus. Every time she sees a house with lights or a Christmas tree or anything Christmas she yells, “ooooo baby house!”