Life with Grace

This is a day with Grace.

She wanted her owl to have small eyes. I said but Grace we just learned the reason owls have big eyes is so they can see better in the dark. We get in a whole thing about it. She gets sassy with me. I walk away because mmm I’m not ruining my day over owl eyes…

Timmys like oh mommm grace finished her owl… like he’s telling on her.

She’s says look my owl has sunglasses on 😎

Lortttttttttttt give me the strength

Today’s drama. How is it that she’s only 6 and we are already having these conversations.

So Timmy just comes over to me saying grace is saying that BRYNN is timmys girlfriend.


So Im not sure at this point if they know what that means but maybe bc theyve watched barbie. so I say no boyfriends or girlfriends in this house we just have friends.

“But mom Brynn told me she loves Timmy”

Well that’s nice grace but Brynns mommy and your mommy only allow for regular friends.

Grace starts crying

“Didn’t you have a boyfriend”

Yes when I was 17. When you’re 17 you can have a boyfriend.

Starts hysterics. Full on crying becauseeeee She already has a boyfriend.

I die a little. I’m like whooooo is your boyfriend.