The Last Supper

Celebrating the Last Supper with my babies and their friends is the best tradition I’ve ever started.

This is our third annual Last Supper. We get mini plastic “wine” glasses, we break bread and read the story of the Last Supper.

After we went outside with our pitcher of water. We sat in a circle, read the Bible story of the washing of the feet then we passed the pitcher around washing our friends feet. Listening to the giggles and the story come to life for them just makes my whole day.

Seeing Lydia be a part of it this year was the best. Every year builds on the year before and my kids will always know the truth of Easter. That Jesus died for their sins and that He loves them more than they will ever know.

And while we still celebrate with the bunny and the eggs, nothing is more special than the day we celebrate the last supper.

This year I tried it with just Lydia and her little friends. And you know what, they totally got it. They loved the wine glasses, the sharing of the bread and the washing of the feet. They may not know the reason behind all this but next year they might just remember a little bit of it and smile.

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