Garden Update

I’m obsessed. I love my garden. It is not large by any means but this tiny rectangle of goodness brings me so much joy.

The sunflowers have just started to bloom and it brings back so many good memories. I remember planting them with my mom in our backyard on Long Island when I was a kid.

I can’t wait until they all are blooming. Up against the white fence it’s going to look beautiful.

The lettuce was a fail. From far away it looks like the healthiest thing but I never pulled out the weaker links and now it’s just jam packed and covered in aphids.

The tomatoes are doing ok as long as I caterpillar pick every day. Those things are relentless but I can’t kill them. So every morning I go out and toss them over my fence into the neighbors yard. It really is hard to garden without pesticides but we are doing it. Some tomatoes have been sacrificed because of it.

My pride and joy though is these carrots! You can’t see them growing so it’s so rewarding to pull out a big orange carrot. Like every time more exciting than the next. You might say I’m a little crazy about these carrots. I am.

And they taste even better. We have so many that we let friends come over and pick their own.

My second favorite is the sweet peas. For awhile they just looked like a huge messy weed but then they started flowering and now everyday we pick 6-8 pods. My kids love it.

My cucumbers died. I am in mourning. I think the peas choked them out. And the eggplant even tho they were all planted the same day is still a small plant. I guess they just grow slower. This has been such an awesome experience for my kids. I let them take care of it from weeding the beginning gardening and planting the seeds, making the compost dirt, watering and pick off caterpillars to the harvest. They always ask me, “Are we real farmers mom?” We sure are guys.

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