Earth Day

We went out front and learned how to spell Earth using things from the Earth. It hurt my souls to let them pick my flowers but it does look so pretty.

Next project we learned about ocean pollution. We went through our recycling bin and used some trash from breakfast to be our pollution. Then we filled our bin with fresh water and added all the junk. We even had an olive “oil” spill.

It was pretty gross. I asked the kids if they’d like to swim in that water and they were like ewwww mom! I told them that parts of our oceans really do look this way. We discussed the importance of recycling and using as little plastic as we can. Then I asked them if they could bring the water back to fresh.

Of course it was not easy. But they sure tried. I feel like they really grasped the importance of recycling and not littering.

On our white board we talked about all the things we could do differently to help the Earth. My kids love doing this. I write the words and they draw most of the pictures.

And now I’ve created little Earth police. They are very serious about turning lights off now.

For art they colored their own Earth and added bandaids with ideas of how to heal the Earth. My kids love wasting bandaids so this was fun for them.

We ended our week with a trip to the beach to learn about Sea Beans. I was amazed to learn that these little beans travel as far as Africa and end up on our shores.

Somehow our bean search turned into hermit crab catching and now we have 2 new pets: George & Steve.

Grace caught a bunch of sea beans that looked like mini pine cones. Well when we got home apparently shrimp were living in them because we had hundreds of them swimming around.

Lydia had fun with her baby friends. I took the cutest picture of her and one of her boyfriends. Lydia only likes boys. So she has like 4 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend that when they’re together they literally fight the whole time!

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