Baking, Fishing & Baseball

All things we are obsessed with right now: baking, fishing & baseball.

Let me tell you giving the kids free reign on baking is way easier when you’re on a diet. I know I can’t eat so I’m not knit picking at the way they crack eggs or if I see them sneaking a double dip taste of the batter. I’m not eating soooo go ahead kids. They are actually pretty good at it all when I’m not micro managing. This day they made banana bread.

I love fishing so I’m really excited that Timmy loves it too. Our city put on a fishing tournament for kids and it was so cute.

We only caught one fish that day. But since then we go fishing at least once a week.

There’s nothing cuter than a boy fishing. So sweet. Grace is not exactly the fishing type. She sets free the worms and sits pretty until there’s a fish on the line. Then she’ll take the pole from me.

I don’t want to put stereotypes on her but she was born a princess and she’s more in her element in front of a mirror with makeup and jewelry.

For example…baseball. Lol. She begged to play but here she is sitting on the sidelines with a cone on her head.

She tries though but I don’t think baseball is in her future.

Timmy loves baseball. We play sports with our homeschool coop. Every month a new sport. It’s really awesome.

Next week is the last of sports until fall. I’m really looking forward to a slowwww summer filled with nothing to do.

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