Sweet Memories

Grace are you cleaning?

Mom I really wish I could but my arms are tired but don’t worry I’m making a cleaning robot.

Lydia says I love you!

She says a couple of sentences now. One is Gracie close your eyes as she pours water on her in the tub. She’s says there it is when she finds something and she has no problem yelling at the dogs.

Our sunflower finally bloomed. It is 10 feet tall!

Last night during prayers Lydia repeated all the words in her own little language and then she said AMEN! Hands folded and all.

I sneezed and Lydia said Bless You! A few days later I burped and she also said bless you lol

I told Lydia NO. But she’s not much for direction these days. So I said Lydia when I say no I mean it. In reply she scrunched up her nose and said I MEAN IT!

Mom your kisses always make me feel so loved. That’s my son. Seriously I can’t even handle it. He’s the sweetest boy.

I asked Grace if she wanted to go to ballet princess camp. All the things she loves, twirling and tiaras. And you know what she said… Mom I’d rather just spend all my time with you. Heart melted. It is amazing because we are literally together all the seconds of all the days and they still want more. The day that changes I’ll be so sad. I’m hoping teenage Grace still wants to hang out with me just as much.

Lydia is hitting that bipolar stage. One minute she’s kissing both of my cheeks like a little French doll and the next she is screaming bloody murder because NO she did not want you to take a bite of her strawberries. Sweet, crazy, sweet, crazy. That’s my life.

Sometimes when my kids talk I wonder where they learned to speak. Ether than me. 😂 I told Timmy I was going to invite his friends over and he’s says… “Sounds great mom but how long do you think they’ll stay because this evening I need to tend the garden.” Ohhhh ok sir.

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