Summer Lovin

This school year was awesome! It really was. But busssssyyyy. Way overbooked my life. So this summer is all about doing less and then doing even less than that.

I bought a ton of ice pops and the plan is EAT SLEEP PLAY!

We ended school May 1st because we can. It’s kindergarten. We celebrated our last day at the water park with Max.

And really we have done nothing but go to the beach, borrow our friends pools and take it easy. I love it so much that I’m hoping to continue this through to next school year.We hung out with our cousins!Daddy taught them how to boogie board!

We hung out with our cousins some more in their awesome pool!

I let Timmy & Grace make their own pot of sauce.

We went to Orlando waterpark and had the best little mini vacation.

We visited our besties down south for some more pool time.

We went to the zoo and played in their pool too lol

Then we went to another friends house who lives on a farm and played with all their animals. We currently have 8 eggs incubating on my kitchen counter now because my kids are determined to have their own farm now.

Lydia is naked because she took her diaper off and pooped on her dress. Next week starts potty training.

We made s’mores in a pizza box oven because it’s that hot.

We hung out at Aunt Erica’s house of course continuing our pool hopping adventures.

Played at Sailfish in the rain.

Broke out the blow up water slide for our little friends and had some more ice pops.

& then we had even more ice pops. We spent a whole week just inviting every friend we know.

We made big huge homemade bubbles.

He headed back to the farm and played messy twister and Lydia smooched on her favorite goat.

One thing we didn’t do was take a whole lot of baths šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ we did add shampoo to our water slide so kinda counts.

We went to the zoo.

And right now we are watching Polar Express. For real.

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