My little Mermaids

We put the girls in swim lessons, the same school Timmy went too, and it was totally worth all the pennies and daily trips to the pool.

Grace learned in two weeks. Lydia 8 WHOLE WEEKS… but it is amazing to see a baby swim.

I’m so happy that I can relax around water now. Lydia can go in by herself and totally save herself if she needs to and Grace is a total mermaid now.

2 thoughts on “My little Mermaids

  1. How old are they? Wondering about appropriate ages and content they need covered. I never had swimming lessons, and neither did my hubby, so we just don’t know their value I guess.

    • Four and one. I think 18 months is a good starting age but if you have a pool in your yard if they can walk away they should know how to swim.

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