Sweet Memories

Lydia lovesssss to throw out trash. If you’re finished with your food she is quick to swipe your plate to bring to the garbage.

She is following Graces footsteps in the momming game.

Tim took Grace to the dentist and they have a dress up station…

Denver is 16.5 years old. He has good days and bad days but this weekend we decided it was time. We told the kids and Timmy begged us not to. Tim called Denver to put his leash on and was walking out the door and that’s as far as he made it. We all starting crying and decided to let him go on his own time.

Lydia gave me this beautiful flower.

Grace is in the bathroom yelling knock knock at the top of her lungs. I go in there and ask her what is going on d she’s says I’m knocking on Jesus door but he’s not answering.

Lydia’s new phrase: NO WAY!

Her favorite game is for Tim to chase her around the house while she screams I’ll catch you Daddy. It’s so sweet.

We do a Questions book during our morning routine. The question was do you like being alone? Timmy said no way he likes to be with mommy bc he gets scared. But Grace. “I like to be alone because that’s when I spend time with Jesus.” She always surprises me. Timmy’s love for Jesus is so outward. Everyone knows. But Grace is more subtle and sometimes I can’t tell if any of it is sinking in. But then she says something like that. So sweet.

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