Annual Mudpie Madness

Last year I hosted an End of Summer Mudpie Party so I decided to make it a tradition and do it every year. It’s so fun! My mom friends are certain I’m insane but it’s worth all the mess.

We had quite the crew. 15 kids and 4 babies. An extra full house but I love it.

Mud Pie Party staples are dirt, water bucket, strainers, measuring spoons & cups, pie tins, shaving cream, glitter, flowers and the cherry on top is WORMS!

Just scrumptious.

Grace even made some worm cupcakes.

Lydia didn’t get the memo that it was just pretend pie. She was literally spooning it into her mouth. I’m hoping she doesn’t get sick.

It’s so crazy to think that last year she was too little to get in on the fun & today she was one of them. Sometimes I forget what a big girl she really is. She totally understood that we were cooking up some pies. Timmy took it to the next level and became one with his mud pie. Then I brought out the tear free soap, hosed down all the kids and gave them ice pops.

More of my favorite photos…

And now I’m staring at my yard wondering where to start with clean up. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

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