Two Scoops of Sweetness

Happy Birthday to my girlies! I wonder how long they will be happy about sharing a birthday.

The idea was to have a small ice cream party with friends. It turned into a full blown celebration. I can’t help myself.

We had the girls photos taken with an ice cream themed background & I still haven’t figured out how to get the photos on my phone but I printed them for party decorations. I love them so much I haven’t taken them down.

We had an Italian feast with ravioli, meatballs and eggplant parm. I only invited our families for lunch because we are a party in of ourselves. 22 people and growing!

Then we had our friends come over for cake & ice cream. My sister made a piñata themed ice cream cone cake. It was amazing.

We played Pin the Cherry on Top and we had a piñata per Gracie’s request.

The girls were spoiled as usual with all the cutest gifts. Then Mustache Tom sprayed us all with silly string! I’m still finding it around the house.

It was so cute to watch Lydia blow out her own candles like a big girl. I don’t know how she got to be two this fast. I still think she’s a baby in my mind.

And we bought the girls a kitten. Our zoo is complete.

Five & Two. Sigh. This birthday is hitting me hard. I love watching them grow but I want to do it in slowwww motion.

There’s an extra special surprise in store for Grace & she has no idea. Eeeek it’s going to be magical 😉

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