Back to School 2018-19

Yay! It’s Back to School!

Timmy is in 1st, Gracie in Kindergarten & Lydia in Tot School.I love homeschooling. I could talk about it for hours and hours and never get bored. It is a lifestyle that is a dream.

We don’t wake up to alarm clocks, we don’t scarf down our breakfast or rush to the bus stop. Every morning begins when it begins.

We learn as fast or as slow as we need. Everyday we pray to the Lord and literally sing His praises with songs. If my kids want to learn about lizards that’s exactly what we do. If they want to cook up a soup or make a pizza, done. There is so much freedom in their learning.

It is a blessing that few get to live and I am so grateful to God that He placed this in my hands and to my sweet husband who is such a big supporter and my biggest fan.