Sweet Memories

Brushing Graces hair and watching Cinderella. Feels like a dream come true.

Timmy just asked me if I only used the sun as light when I was a kid. Apparently my son thinks I lived in the time before electricity. I must be looking super old.

Lydia’s new phrase is “awww so boootiful!” Or “oh that’s cute mommy”

Tonight was Timmy’s first Tiger Cub Scout meeting with Daddy as the Den Leader. Seriously the most adorable thing ever. Timmy is so so serious about cub scouts.

Meanwhile at home is girls are eating brownie batter straight from the bowl hoping we don’t get sick because it’s so yummy we are willing to risk it.

I’m playing Hide & Seek with Lydia for the first time. She hides her eyes and say 1,2, hmmmmm mommy where are you. When she finds me she screams. It’s the cutest thing ever.