The Most Magical Day

Well my life is complete. A total perfect surprise.

I think it was just as much fun to be the mom as it was to be Grace. Every second of the day was magical and I got to watch it unfold. Her eyes lit up brighter and brighter all day. She must have said it was the best day ever at least 10 times.

At 4:30 am I snuck in her room super quiet so I wouldn’t wake up Lydia. She thought I was crazy. I brought her out into the dining room told her we were going to Disney just the two of us and got her dressed in her new Minnie Mouse outfit with matching shoes. She could not have looked any cuter and she was smiling ear to ear. I gave her some blueberry muffins and we were off to Magic Kingdom. When we got in the car I put on the Frozen CD and told she could go back to sleep. She was like how could I possibly go back to sleep I am too excited!

This is the new Rope Drop ceremony.

The park was empty. Every ride was a 5 minute wait. The first ride we went on was the Seven Dwarfs Train, her very first real big girl roller coaster! She’s so brave. Then we had breakfast at Gaston’s Pub, best cinnamon buns in town.

We went on Ariel’s ride and went to see her.

Then we went on Goofys barnstormer twice, Dumbo and it’s a small word. It’s a small world used to be her favorite ride because she was obsessed with dolls but now barnstormer is her favorite.

We went on the carousel and she had to find a horse with roses and she would not let me hold onto her, I wasn’t even allowed to touch the horse.

Then we had a few minutes to kill before the real magic began so we went to see the Philharmagic.

And then it was time to turn Grace into a real live Princess!

I was seriously so excited for this! We booked it months in advance and I really can’t believe I kept it a secret. When you check in they ask which princess you want to be, then you pick out your dress. They hang the dress in a dressing room and you head back.

Then someone comes to size your shoes and they introduce you to your fairy godmother. It’s straight magic from then on. Hair, makeup, nails and lots and lots of glitter.

Then she asks her for one wish. Grace wishes for a unicorn and they laugh & laugh it was the sweetest thing.

She is the most beautiful mini Cinderella ever!

Disney is the best! She was walking around the park and all the workers were like Hello Princess. Men workers were even bowing to her. We went on some more rides and thennnnn for the most magical lunch I’ve ever been to.

The Royal Table is worth all the pennies. As a kid I didn’t even know you could go in Cinderella’s castle. When you go in you are greeted by Cinderella. Then she invites you to the Royal Table.

Then you walk up a tower of winding stairs like right out of the movie.

The restaurant over looks Fantasy Land and we got the table right at the window. Could not have been better!

The food was out of this world, even the starter salad was better than ever. Gracie’s starter was grapes & cheese and for our meals she got macaroni and cheese, no surprise there, and I ordered filet with shrimp and potatoes. We ate like queens.

Every princess comes to the table. That in itself is worth it but really the whole experience is perfect.

Then they brought over make your own cupcakes and sang to her.

Grace was an angel. Her little legs walked the whole day. I don’t think she’s ever known what a blister was but she learned today. We went through 3 different pairs of shoes to try to find something comfortable. She didn’t complain once. We finally got back in the car at 4:30 and headed back home. Literally 12 hours of Disney Magic. This was her before we even got out of the parking lot.

I’m am the luckiest mom. Lucky to be this princesses mom, lucky to have a husband that thinks this special memory is worth the money and especially lucky because I get to do it all over again with Lydia when she turns five. I know with all my heart that this luck comes straight from the hands of God. He has blessed me beyond what I deserve and all day I was thanking him over and over for the beauty in my life. Grace I hope you never forget that you are the daughter of the most high King and you will always be a princess in our minds.