Lake House Vacation 2018

Our very first {of hopefully many} Lake House vacations.

This is our happy place. I grew up going to a Lake House every summer and we are so thrilled to start this tradition with the kids. We were all in our element.

Every day was perfect. There were so many special moments but one of the best was when I took the girls up for a bath and looked out the window and saw Tim & Timmy sitting on the dock just looking at each other and talking. I could have cried really. It made me so happy to think of all the memories being made.

Timmy fished sun up to sun down. And he caught zero fish. But he’s such a sweet kid. He never had a bad attitude about it. We were all trying our hardest to stay patient and he’d say, “Hey mom how’s your fishing going?” And I’d say it’s going buddy and he’s say yea mines not going too bad either. And he’d just keep casting. He just loves being on the lake. Only kid I know that can appreciate a fishing day even without one catch.

Of course Grace spent her fishing time stealing worms and setting them free. We have Lydia the job of babysitting some worms in hopes it would keep her happy in the stroller but no such luck.

So then Daddy gave her her first fishing lessons.

The sunrise was out of this world. & add my two boys on the dock and it was the sweetest picture ever.

Drinking coffee in 60 degree weather with my Grace, watching the fog rise off the lake, while the boys fish and Lydia builds blocks.. it just doesn’t get better than that.

We went on a nature scavenger hunt hike and it was so nice to have Daddy with us. Then we did our nature journal.

We napped. Need I say more. That’s what real vacation looks like. When Lydia napped we all napped.

The house had stairs. The kids were most excited about this. I don’t know why. Lydia would climb the stairs then dance at the top like it was a stage.

I took Timmy & Grace down to the lake to let them explore the water. It was like replaying my childhood. The dug through the mud looking for alive clams. Grace found a mussel and Tim smashed it so we could see the insides.

We met the neighbors of course because my son can not help himself but to greet all the people. I swear it’s the only reason I have any friends. Anyways small world they are homeschoolers! They had the best time playing together.

This is what summer is about all summed up in that one photo. They will never forget this trip.

And let me point out the hourssss of research that went into making 100% sure there were no alligators in this water. I’m really working on letting my crazy anxiety take a back seat so that I don’t ruin their childhood with my constant worries.

Best trip ever.