October School Days

This month we are focusing on Pumpkins, Seasons/Weather and Mexico.

Seasons & Weather

This book writes a poem for each season so I had them close their eyes while I read and had them tell me which season they thought it was. It’s a really a sweet book. Then we folded our paper in 4 and painted a tree for each season.

We learned about different types of clouds and laid down to watch some clouds go by. Gracie saw a big number 1 in the clouds. We did a cotton ball cloud worksheet.

We made an Anemometer out of paper cups and straws. Luckily it was windy because there was a passing hurricane.

We read Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane and then watched the show on Netflix.

Then we did some experiments from the book. We made tornadoes in a soda bottle.

Then we made clouds in a mason jar. They loved this we had to do it multiple times even Lydia was amazed. You take a mason jar and swirl warm water inside the jar. Then spray hairspray and cover with the cap upside down and filled with ice. It really works well.


We created our own little pumpkin patch. We painting brown bag pumpkins.

We even had wagon hay rides!

We made the yummiest pumpkin snack.

We read the sweetest book “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin” that talks about how it’s what’s inside that’s important, no matter your size or color. Then we did our own pumpkin investigation and counted the seeds.


Every month will be the same with learning the flag, coloring the map and finding it on the globe. We checked out lots of books on Mexico from the library and learned some Spanish words.

The kids made Quesadillas themselves and were not fans of it. Who does not like quesadillas?! I tried to sell it as Mexican grilled cheese but it was not a success.

We learned about the holiday Day of the Dead. We watched the movie Coco and then went a little over the top. We turned this house into a full blow Day of the Dead festival. We baked homemade sugar skull cookies while listening to Mexican music. We painted the cookies and our faces! Then Grace taught us all how to dance like they do in Mexico and she was pretty spot on. It was so much fun!

We made cinnamon sugar tortillas but only Lydia liked it.