Halloween 2018

I love this time of year. I just wish I could figure out how to slow it down. We had too much fun that’s for sure and way too much candy.

This was Lydia’s first year of understanding Trick or Treating and SHE IS A FAN. She brought her pumpkin bucket everywhere. And even after Halloween she was still dressing up.

We were the bat family this year all thanks to Daddy’s obsession with bat dad. All my kids talk like that guy.

Even Rosary got in the fun!

We went to Aunt Jessicas to trick or treat with the whole crew. It was so much fun. My kids are definitely getting older because they wanted to keep going all night.

Lydia’s bucket had to weigh 30 pounds da but she would not let anyone touch it. Poor child was walking with a limp but was not willing to surrender any candy. Her little voice saying trick or treat was the sweetest sound and then followed by her even sweeter Thank you. I just love her she has a personality that is like none other.

We probably over did our Halloween celebrations as usual but we started it off right by doing a costume parade at the nursing home.

We went to two trunk or treats. One for cub scouts and one at our church. I really didn’t want to go because who started all this million days of trunk or treating. There was no such thing when I was a kid but Daddy is all about it. I’m glad we went the kids had a blast at both!

We had a spooky party with our friends. The moms went alllllll out! Gross yummy food, dissecting owl pellets and touch & feel haunted house. It was a blast.

I made my kids a ghostly milkshake that cane out so cute I had to take a picture. We also made mummy brownies and pumpkin Mac & cheese. My kids think I am the best when their food is made special. We went to the pumpkin patch with all our cousins. It wasn’t exactly perfect weather. We were sweating like it was the middle of summer but the kids don’t care. We rode the hayride and searched for the perfect pumpkin.

Then we had a family carving competition!

I think that’s it for Halloween.