Thanksgiving 2018

There just isn’t anything better in my life than these little people. They are so blessed to grow up along side each other. These group photos keep growing every year and I love it!

Our newest tradition is to celebrate Thanksgiving at home and celebrating Friday with our family. I kinda love it. Thanksgiving day is slow and simple. We make a big breakfast and watch the parade. Then we just hang out and slowly start decorating for Christmas. We do this because Brandon and my mom work on Thursday and we don’t want anyone to be missing. This year I let the kids help me make the lasagna. I love cooking family recipes with them.

And just like Halloween we celebrated Thanksgiving to the max. We started with our thankful tree and decorating the house.

Then we made a place setting for Jesus and read a special thanksgiving book & prayer.

Timmy drew a picture of what he was thankful for and of course it was snakes.

We had a pilgrims and Indians party with our friends. We dressed up and the kids really got into playing the part. The boys were fighting with guns and arrows and the girls were churning butter. And we made some real butter in little baby food jars and it really worked. The kids used it on their biscuits.

I’m so thankful for these babies who are quickly turning into big kids and I’m especially thankful that they get to grow up with so much family close by.