Timmy is Seven!

Seven sounds so big. He’s turning into a little man. And the sweetest one ever. Just tonight he came up to me and said, “Mom your face is so beautiful.” I don’t know where he learned to be this complimentary. It’s a part of him.

The other night we went for a car ride looking for the best Christmas lights. If the person was outside he would roll down his window and tell them what a great job they did. He just make my heart smile.

For this special big boy birthday I woke him up super early and took him to Disney just the two of us. He was so surprised. The whole car ride there he thanked me. And the whole time at the park and the whole drive home until he fell asleep. He said, “Mom I don’t care what rides we go on I’m just happy to be going and I want you to be happy too so you go ahead and pick what we ride first.” He really talks like that. Sincere and sweet.

The plan was to ride all the big kid rides that he’s never been on and that’s just what we did! We actually ride them all twice. First thunder mountain, then pirates, splash mountain and space mountain. I couldn’t believe who brave he was. Last year this would have never happened. He’s really grown up in a year.

I’m so blessed to be his mommy. I’ll never forget this day.