Halloween 2018

I love this time of year. I just wish I could figure out how to slow it down. We had too much fun that’s for sure and way too much candy.

This was Lydia’s first year of understanding Trick or Treating and SHE IS A FAN. She brought her pumpkin bucket everywhere. And even after Halloween she was still dressing up.

We were the bat family this year all thanks to Daddy’s obsession with bat dad. All my kids talk like that guy.

Even Rosary got in the fun!

We went to Aunt Jessicas to trick or treat with the whole crew. It was so much fun. My kids are definitely getting older because they wanted to keep going all night.

Lydia’s bucket had to weigh 30 pounds da but she would not let anyone touch it. Poor child was walking with a limp but was not willing to surrender any candy. Her little voice saying trick or treat was the sweetest sound and then followed by her even sweeter Thank you. I just love her she has a personality that is like none other.

We probably over did our Halloween celebrations as usual but we started it off right by doing a costume parade at the nursing home.

We went to two trunk or treats. One for cub scouts and one at our church. I really didn’t want to go because who started all this million days of trunk or treating. There was no such thing when I was a kid but Daddy is all about it. I’m glad we went the kids had a blast at both!

We had a spooky party with our friends. The moms went alllllll out! Gross yummy food, dissecting owl pellets and touch & feel haunted house. It was a blast.

I made my kids a ghostly milkshake that cane out so cute I had to take a picture. We also made mummy brownies and pumpkin Mac & cheese. My kids think I am the best when their food is made special. We went to the pumpkin patch with all our cousins. It wasn’t exactly perfect weather. We were sweating like it was the middle of summer but the kids don’t care. We rode the hayride and searched for the perfect pumpkin.

Then we had a family carving competition!

I think that’s it for Halloween.

October School Days

This month we are focusing on Pumpkins, Seasons/Weather and Mexico.

Seasons & Weather

This book writes a poem for each season so I had them close their eyes while I read and had them tell me which season they thought it was. It’s a really a sweet book. Then we folded our paper in 4 and painted a tree for each season.

We learned about different types of clouds and laid down to watch some clouds go by. Gracie saw a big number 1 in the clouds. We did a cotton ball cloud worksheet.

We made an Anemometer out of paper cups and straws. Luckily it was windy because there was a passing hurricane.

We read Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane and then watched the show on Netflix.

Then we did some experiments from the book. We made tornadoes in a soda bottle.

Then we made clouds in a mason jar. They loved this we had to do it multiple times even Lydia was amazed. You take a mason jar and swirl warm water inside the jar. Then spray hairspray and cover with the cap upside down and filled with ice. It really works well.


We created our own little pumpkin patch. We painting brown bag pumpkins.

We even had wagon hay rides!

We made the yummiest pumpkin snack.

We read the sweetest book “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin” that talks about how it’s what’s inside that’s important, no matter your size or color. Then we did our own pumpkin investigation and counted the seeds.


Every month will be the same with learning the flag, coloring the map and finding it on the globe. We checked out lots of books on Mexico from the library and learned some Spanish words.

The kids made Quesadillas themselves and were not fans of it. Who does not like quesadillas?! I tried to sell it as Mexican grilled cheese but it was not a success.

We learned about the holiday Day of the Dead. We watched the movie Coco and then went a little over the top. We turned this house into a full blow Day of the Dead festival. We baked homemade sugar skull cookies while listening to Mexican music. We painted the cookies and our faces! Then Grace taught us all how to dance like they do in Mexico and she was pretty spot on. It was so much fun!

We made cinnamon sugar tortillas but only Lydia liked it.

September School Days

September was all about food, from the nutritious to the yummy. This month we focused on Nutrition, Italy and Johnny Appleseed.


Timmy and Grace had to keep track of how many fruits and veggies they are each day for a week. The graph showed they had to eat 5 a day. Pretty sure all 5 were fruit servings.

We learned about the new healthy plate. Apparently the food pyramid that I learned about in school is no more. We drew the healthy plate on the board and listed different foods that could fit in each category. Then they had to pack a healthy lunchbox.

I printed and laminated different foods and they made their own grocery lists and then I let them grocery shop. They loved this.

We did a good tasting experiment. Timmy likes everything really. Grace not so much.

They played a game to see how many foods they could correctly place in the correct category. It’s so fun watching them learn new things like what dairy and grains mean.

We did an experiment with drinks to see how much sugar was in each one. This was amazing to me too! It is pretty disgusting.

Timmy is officially the healthy police now. He questions everything I make. “But mom how much sugar is in this?”


We are visiting the different countries in Epcot as part of our Geography studies. Of course we started with Italy because it’s my favorite. My great grandmother was an original off the boat from Italy New Yorker.

We colored the flag and map, took turns trying to find Italy on the globe and read lots of books. We learned some Italian words and special monuments. We even painted under our desks like Leonardo Da Vinci.

My favorite part was sharing family recipes with them. Teaching them to make our families sauce was such a special moment for me. Learning alongside them how to make fresh pasta was so fun. And then watching them eat it and asking Daddy what do you think of the food we made. The best. They also made their own pizza, meatballs and Alfredo. Turns out Timmy loves meatballs. I was so shocked.

Then at the end of the month we headed to Epcot. We bought our “passports” and headed to Italy. Epcot’s program is so great. In the passport comes stickers for each country and it’s a scavenger hunt to find the things on the sticker and then you place them in your passport with that country. When your done a native of that country stamps your passport. Then they have a craft set up and speak to you in their language. We then went to eat at a fancy Italian restaurant. They learned that Italian dip bread in oil not butter. We tested out some calamari, only Lydia liked it. Then they had spaghetti and meatballs. For dessert we had tiramisu and they loved it. I also let them try cannolis and gelato. They didn’t like the cannoli.

Johnny Appleseed

Every year we celebrate Johnny Appleseed in September since Timmy is 2 years old actually. Some of our sweetest memories with friends. This year we focused on how Johnny was a Christian. My favorite thing to teach my kids is about their faith. I love that we can live a life were Jesus is in everything we do.

We made Johnny Appleseed hats with our friends and planted some seeds of our own. Then we made an apple tree snack.

We even did some apple bobbing. We read the book A 3 in 1 Picture of God and it was all about how an Apple explains the Trinity and did a worksheet to go with it.

With our church friends we did an apple printing scripture.

Then we did s sink float experiment with the different parts of the apple. It was interesting to learn that just because as one the Apple may float, separately the pieces might sink.

We ended this unit with making homemade applesauce. The kids did it all start to finish and it came out delicious. Peeling an apple was a project in itself be because we needed 8 apples and it isn’t easy for little hands to use a peeler.

When we cut the Apple into pieces the kids wanted to save the seeds and Timmy discovered that one of the seeds had already sprouted inside the apple. Even I was amazed by that.

Finally we added the cinnamon and the girls mixed it and we waited.

It was yummy! The kids preferred Motts tho unfortunately.

Sweet Memories

Lydia has learned her name. & she loves it! Everything is “that’s Lydia’s”

Her I love you Mommy’s are the best

Timmy gets bloody noses a lot. They dr wants him to go to a specialist. He is so nervous about it. Tonight he comes in my room and says, “Mom Hod gave me a miracle. I prayed for my nose to stop bleeding and then it just did!” I told him I believed it and that it was amazing. As he walked out the door I heard him whisper, “thank you God.”

More conversations with Timmy… “Can you have 2 moms (he means wives)?” I kinda panic lol and I’m like why are you asking me that? “Wellll if I marry Grace it won’t be fair to Lydia so can I marry both of them?” No buddy you can’t. He is the sweetest. I guess eventually I have to tell him he can’t marry his sisters.

I cut myself shaving my legs. Clearly I’m out of practice. Well Grace noticed and ran to get me a bandaid and put it on. It was such a sweet moment.

Grace calls me her beautiful treasure.

I got a 3am wake up call from these sick munchkins. Fevers, coughs, no voices, all bad. The positive lots of snuggles and I cancelled all the things.

Sweet Memories

Timmy’s new obsession is snakes. We have about 29 snake books from the library sitting on our school table. Everyday he asks to get a snake. It’s a hard no from Daddy. I’m like whatever, it’s already a zoo what’s one more. But I’m not gonna fight Tim on this one because I definitely can’t feed mice to a snake. Anyways Timmy just walked into our room at 9:30 pm and hands us a picture he drew of the snake he wants. Then he asked if he could read to us a snake book. He’s so sweet I’d buy him 10 snakes.

Tehran someone gets hurt Lydia runs to them and pats them and says awww it’s ok. She so caring. Sometimes alittle too loving. She’s often found choking Timmy with hugs. But he’s actually choking.

Lydia’s new word is beegal. That’s bagel. She’s talking so much. She’s starting sentences now. Today she said “ooo Daddy can I have that!” Clear as day.

Me and Grace had a Girls night. Her one request was to go to Walgreens for nail polish and makeup. I got quite the spooky manicure.

We watched lots a Fancy Nancy, baked brownies and decorated the front of the house to scare Timmy and Daddy. Timmy thanked me a million times. He was so happy.

We redecorated Gracie & Lydia’s room to be their own little house. They love it!

Timmy and Daddy were out camping. Daddy thought was clever telling Timmy that if he hit the bullseye with the BB gun he would buy him one. & now we have a BB gun.

& this from Timmy’s teacher 💗

Lake House Vacation 2018

Our very first {of hopefully many} Lake House vacations.

This is our happy place. I grew up going to a Lake House every summer and we are so thrilled to start this tradition with the kids. We were all in our element.

Every day was perfect. There were so many special moments but one of the best was when I took the girls up for a bath and looked out the window and saw Tim & Timmy sitting on the dock just looking at each other and talking. I could have cried really. It made me so happy to think of all the memories being made.

Timmy fished sun up to sun down. And he caught zero fish. But he’s such a sweet kid. He never had a bad attitude about it. We were all trying our hardest to stay patient and he’d say, “Hey mom how’s your fishing going?” And I’d say it’s going buddy and he’s say yea mines not going too bad either. And he’d just keep casting. He just loves being on the lake. Only kid I know that can appreciate a fishing day even without one catch.

Of course Grace spent her fishing time stealing worms and setting them free. We have Lydia the job of babysitting some worms in hopes it would keep her happy in the stroller but no such luck.

So then Daddy gave her her first fishing lessons.

The sunrise was out of this world. & add my two boys on the dock and it was the sweetest picture ever.

Drinking coffee in 60 degree weather with my Grace, watching the fog rise off the lake, while the boys fish and Lydia builds blocks.. it just doesn’t get better than that.

We went on a nature scavenger hunt hike and it was so nice to have Daddy with us. Then we did our nature journal.

We napped. Need I say more. That’s what real vacation looks like. When Lydia napped we all napped.

The house had stairs. The kids were most excited about this. I don’t know why. Lydia would climb the stairs then dance at the top like it was a stage.

I took Timmy & Grace down to the lake to let them explore the water. It was like replaying my childhood. The dug through the mud looking for alive clams. Grace found a mussel and Tim smashed it so we could see the insides.

We met the neighbors of course because my son can not help himself but to greet all the people. I swear it’s the only reason I have any friends. Anyways small world they are homeschoolers! They had the best time playing together.

This is what summer is about all summed up in that one photo. They will never forget this trip.

And let me point out the hourssss of research that went into making 100% sure there were no alligators in this water. I’m really working on letting my crazy anxiety take a back seat so that I don’t ruin their childhood with my constant worries.

Best trip ever.

The Most Magical Day

Well my life is complete. A total perfect surprise.

I think it was just as much fun to be the mom as it was to be Grace. Every second of the day was magical and I got to watch it unfold. Her eyes lit up brighter and brighter all day. She must have said it was the best day ever at least 10 times.

At 4:30 am I snuck in her room super quiet so I wouldn’t wake up Lydia. She thought I was crazy. I brought her out into the dining room told her we were going to Disney just the two of us and got her dressed in her new Minnie Mouse outfit with matching shoes. She could not have looked any cuter and she was smiling ear to ear. I gave her some blueberry muffins and we were off to Magic Kingdom. When we got in the car I put on the Frozen CD and told she could go back to sleep. She was like how could I possibly go back to sleep I am too excited!

This is the new Rope Drop ceremony.

The park was empty. Every ride was a 5 minute wait. The first ride we went on was the Seven Dwarfs Train, her very first real big girl roller coaster! She’s so brave. Then we had breakfast at Gaston’s Pub, best cinnamon buns in town.

We went on Ariel’s ride and went to see her.

Then we went on Goofys barnstormer twice, Dumbo and it’s a small word. It’s a small world used to be her favorite ride because she was obsessed with dolls but now barnstormer is her favorite.

We went on the carousel and she had to find a horse with roses and she would not let me hold onto her, I wasn’t even allowed to touch the horse.

Then we had a few minutes to kill before the real magic began so we went to see the Philharmagic.

And then it was time to turn Grace into a real live Princess!

I was seriously so excited for this! We booked it months in advance and I really can’t believe I kept it a secret. When you check in they ask which princess you want to be, then you pick out your dress. They hang the dress in a dressing room and you head back.

Then someone comes to size your shoes and they introduce you to your fairy godmother. It’s straight magic from then on. Hair, makeup, nails and lots and lots of glitter.

Then she asks her for one wish. Grace wishes for a unicorn and they laugh & laugh it was the sweetest thing.

She is the most beautiful mini Cinderella ever!

Disney is the best! She was walking around the park and all the workers were like Hello Princess. Men workers were even bowing to her. We went on some more rides and thennnnn for the most magical lunch I’ve ever been to.

The Royal Table is worth all the pennies. As a kid I didn’t even know you could go in Cinderella’s castle. When you go in you are greeted by Cinderella. Then she invites you to the Royal Table.

Then you walk up a tower of winding stairs like right out of the movie.

The restaurant over looks Fantasy Land and we got the table right at the window. Could not have been better!

The food was out of this world, even the starter salad was better than ever. Gracie’s starter was grapes & cheese and for our meals she got macaroni and cheese, no surprise there, and I ordered filet with shrimp and potatoes. We ate like queens.

Every princess comes to the table. That in itself is worth it but really the whole experience is perfect.

Then they brought over make your own cupcakes and sang to her.

Grace was an angel. Her little legs walked the whole day. I don’t think she’s ever known what a blister was but she learned today. We went through 3 different pairs of shoes to try to find something comfortable. She didn’t complain once. We finally got back in the car at 4:30 and headed back home. Literally 12 hours of Disney Magic. This was her before we even got out of the parking lot.

I’m am the luckiest mom. Lucky to be this princesses mom, lucky to have a husband that thinks this special memory is worth the money and especially lucky because I get to do it all over again with Lydia when she turns five. I know with all my heart that this luck comes straight from the hands of God. He has blessed me beyond what I deserve and all day I was thanking him over and over for the beauty in my life. Grace I hope you never forget that you are the daughter of the most high King and you will always be a princess in our minds.

Sweet Memories

Brushing Graces hair and watching Cinderella. Feels like a dream come true.

Timmy just asked me if I only used the sun as light when I was a kid. Apparently my son thinks I lived in the time before electricity. I must be looking super old.

Lydia’s new phrase is “awww so boootiful!” Or “oh that’s cute mommy”

Tonight was Timmy’s first Tiger Cub Scout meeting with Daddy as the Den Leader. Seriously the most adorable thing ever. Timmy is so so serious about cub scouts.

Meanwhile at home is girls are eating brownie batter straight from the bowl hoping we don’t get sick because it’s so yummy we are willing to risk it.

I’m playing Hide & Seek with Lydia for the first time. She hides her eyes and say 1,2, hmmmmm mommy where are you. When she finds me she screams. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Back to School 2018-19

Yay! It’s Back to School!

Timmy is in 1st, Gracie in Kindergarten & Lydia in Tot School.I love homeschooling. I could talk about it for hours and hours and never get bored. It is a lifestyle that is a dream.

We don’t wake up to alarm clocks, we don’t scarf down our breakfast or rush to the bus stop. Every morning begins when it begins.

We learn as fast or as slow as we need. Everyday we pray to the Lord and literally sing His praises with songs. If my kids want to learn about lizards that’s exactly what we do. If they want to cook up a soup or make a pizza, done. There is so much freedom in their learning.

It is a blessing that few get to live and I am so grateful to God that He placed this in my hands and to my sweet husband who is such a big supporter and my biggest fan.

Two Scoops of Sweetness

Happy Birthday to my girlies! I wonder how long they will be happy about sharing a birthday.

The idea was to have a small ice cream party with friends. It turned into a full blown celebration. I can’t help myself.

We had the girls photos taken with an ice cream themed background & I still haven’t figured out how to get the photos on my phone but I printed them for party decorations. I love them so much I haven’t taken them down.

We had an Italian feast with ravioli, meatballs and eggplant parm. I only invited our families for lunch because we are a party in of ourselves. 22 people and growing!

Then we had our friends come over for cake & ice cream. My sister made a piñata themed ice cream cone cake. It was amazing.

We played Pin the Cherry on Top and we had a piñata per Gracie’s request.

The girls were spoiled as usual with all the cutest gifts. Then Mustache Tom sprayed us all with silly string! I’m still finding it around the house.

It was so cute to watch Lydia blow out her own candles like a big girl. I don’t know how she got to be two this fast. I still think she’s a baby in my mind.

And we bought the girls a kitten. Our zoo is complete.

Five & Two. Sigh. This birthday is hitting me hard. I love watching them grow but I want to do it in slowwww motion.

There’s an extra special surprise in store for Grace & she has no idea. Eeeek it’s going to be magical 😉