Sweet Memories

Lydia lovesssss to throw out trash. If you’re finished with your food she is quick to swipe your plate to bring to the garbage.

She is following Graces footsteps in the momming game.

Tim took Grace to the dentist and they have a dress up station…

Denver is 16.5 years old. He has good days and bad days but this weekend we decided it was time. We told the kids and Timmy begged us not to. Tim called Denver to put his leash on and was walking out the door and that’s as far as he made it. We all starting crying and decided to let him go on his own time.

Lydia gave me this beautiful flower.

Grace is in the bathroom yelling knock knock at the top of her lungs. I go in there and ask her what is going on d she’s says I’m knocking on Jesus door but he’s not answering.

Lydia’s new phrase: NO WAY!

Her favorite game is for Tim to chase her around the house while she screams I’ll catch you Daddy. It’s so sweet.

We do a Questions book during our morning routine. The question was do you like being alone? Timmy said no way he likes to be with mommy bc he gets scared. But Grace. “I like to be alone because that’s when I spend time with Jesus.” She always surprises me. Timmy’s love for Jesus is so outward. Everyone knows. But Grace is more subtle and sometimes I can’t tell if any of it is sinking in. But then she says something like that. So sweet.

My little Mermaids

We put the girls in swim lessons, the same school Timmy went too, and it was totally worth all the pennies and daily trips to the pool.

Grace learned in two weeks. Lydia 8 WHOLE WEEKS… but it is amazing to see a baby swim.

I’m so happy that I can relax around water now. Lydia can go in by herself and totally save herself if she needs to and Grace is a total mermaid now.

Summer Project 🐣

So we went to my friends farm and left with an incubator and 10 eggs! This wasn’t planned. I actually had it on my things to do for spring next year.

What an amazing experience. We learned so much about how to raise a chicken and about the heartache of farm life.

Of the 10 eggs, we had 5 survive and they are a week old so we are hopeful these are keepers.

Here’s our birth story (hehe)

We sanitized our incubator and set the temp to 38, added water to the Center reservoir and once it was warmed up we put all our eggs in.

I let Timmy mark each side with an X and an O so we could better keep track of who we turned. You have to turn the eggs three times a day.

Then we candled them along the way to make sure they were growing. I was kinda obsessed with doing this which probably isn’t safe for the chickens. It’s really best to keep the incubator the same temp as much as possible.

It’s just amazing seriously. Two of the eggs were never fertilized so we threw them out on Day 15. On Day 19 we stopped turning them, set the temp to 37.5 and and added extra water to the cup in the middle so that the humidity would be high enough for them to break through.

I was a nervous wreck because on Day 20 there was no sign of hatching. I stared and stared. Even in the middle of the night. I was terrified I had done something wrong. But at 2:30 am on Day 21 a little beak poked through!

And slowly within the hour everyone had poked a little hole through. The kids were so excited. Then our first baby was born! Timmy named her Lacy.

I left them in there until most were hatched which ended up not being the best idea. In the middle of the night they knocked the top off the water and flooded the incubator. One of the eggs drowned. All I could see was his little beak with no movement. But we still had one chick left unhatched. His chirp was low so I did what they tell you not to and hatched him myself. Here is the little engine that could.

We had the babies set up in a container bin with a screened top and a heat lamp. Unfortunately I don’t think it was warm enough since at night we turn the a/c down to 73. We lost 2 chicks in one day. It was heartbreaking. So we finally figured out to move them to the garage at night bc it’s perfectly warm. So they live in my bathroom during the day only.

We had every intention of returning the chicks to the farm once they hatched. We actually did drive out there to bring them back. Instead we put them right back on the car and there’s no return date in mind. We are pretty much in love.

Summer Lovin

This school year was awesome! It really was. But busssssyyyy. Way overbooked my life. So this summer is all about doing less and then doing even less than that.

I bought a ton of ice pops and the plan is EAT SLEEP PLAY!

We ended school May 1st because we can. It’s kindergarten. We celebrated our last day at the water park with Max.

And really we have done nothing but go to the beach, borrow our friends pools and take it easy. I love it so much that I’m hoping to continue this through to next school year.We hung out with our cousins!Daddy taught them how to boogie board!

We hung out with our cousins some more in their awesome pool!

I let Timmy & Grace make their own pot of sauce.

We went to Orlando waterpark and had the best little mini vacation.

We visited our besties down south for some more pool time.

We went to the zoo and played in their pool too lol

Then we went to another friends house who lives on a farm and played with all their animals. We currently have 8 eggs incubating on my kitchen counter now because my kids are determined to have their own farm now.

Lydia is naked because she took her diaper off and pooped on her dress. Next week starts potty training.

We made s’mores in a pizza box oven because it’s that hot.

We hung out at Aunt Erica’s house of course continuing our pool hopping adventures.

Played at Sailfish in the rain.

Broke out the blow up water slide for our little friends and had some more ice pops.

& then we had even more ice pops. We spent a whole week just inviting every friend we know.

We made big huge homemade bubbles.

He headed back to the farm and played messy twister and Lydia smooched on her favorite goat.

One thing we didn’t do was take a whole lot of baths 😂😂 we did add shampoo to our water slide so kinda counts.

We went to the zoo.

And right now we are watching Polar Express. For real.

Sweet Memories

Grace are you cleaning?

Mom I really wish I could but my arms are tired but don’t worry I’m making a cleaning robot.

Lydia says I love you!

She says a couple of sentences now. One is Gracie close your eyes as she pours water on her in the tub. She’s says there it is when she finds something and she has no problem yelling at the dogs.

Our sunflower finally bloomed. It is 10 feet tall!

Last night during prayers Lydia repeated all the words in her own little language and then she said AMEN! Hands folded and all.

I sneezed and Lydia said Bless You! A few days later I burped and she also said bless you lol

I told Lydia NO. But she’s not much for direction these days. So I said Lydia when I say no I mean it. In reply she scrunched up her nose and said I MEAN IT!

Mom your kisses always make me feel so loved. That’s my son. Seriously I can’t even handle it. He’s the sweetest boy.

I asked Grace if she wanted to go to ballet princess camp. All the things she loves, twirling and tiaras. And you know what she said… Mom I’d rather just spend all my time with you. Heart melted. It is amazing because we are literally together all the seconds of all the days and they still want more. The day that changes I’ll be so sad. I’m hoping teenage Grace still wants to hang out with me just as much.

Lydia is hitting that bipolar stage. One minute she’s kissing both of my cheeks like a little French doll and the next she is screaming bloody murder because NO she did not want you to take a bite of her strawberries. Sweet, crazy, sweet, crazy. That’s my life.

Sometimes when my kids talk I wonder where they learned to speak. Ether than me. 😂 I told Timmy I was going to invite his friends over and he’s says… “Sounds great mom but how long do you think they’ll stay because this evening I need to tend the garden.” Ohhhh ok sir.

Baking, Fishing & Baseball

All things we are obsessed with right now: baking, fishing & baseball.

Let me tell you giving the kids free reign on baking is way easier when you’re on a diet. I know I can’t eat so I’m not knit picking at the way they crack eggs or if I see them sneaking a double dip taste of the batter. I’m not eating soooo go ahead kids. They are actually pretty good at it all when I’m not micro managing. This day they made banana bread.

I love fishing so I’m really excited that Timmy loves it too. Our city put on a fishing tournament for kids and it was so cute.

We only caught one fish that day. But since then we go fishing at least once a week.

There’s nothing cuter than a boy fishing. So sweet. Grace is not exactly the fishing type. She sets free the worms and sits pretty until there’s a fish on the line. Then she’ll take the pole from me.

I don’t want to put stereotypes on her but she was born a princess and she’s more in her element in front of a mirror with makeup and jewelry.

For example…baseball. Lol. She begged to play but here she is sitting on the sidelines with a cone on her head.

She tries though but I don’t think baseball is in her future.

Timmy loves baseball. We play sports with our homeschool coop. Every month a new sport. It’s really awesome.

Next week is the last of sports until fall. I’m really looking forward to a slowwww summer filled with nothing to do.

Visit to River Ranch

I’ve been waiting forever to go this place. I really want to take the kids camping there. Maybe someday. My husband has bought all the gear but has yet to pull the trigger. He’s not exactly the camping type.

The baby animals were the best part. They had little chicks, calves and 4 day old goats. Even the donkeys were cute!

Grace loved the horses.

Timmy went on a sling shot and climbed a rock wall. Poor Grace didn’t weigh enough to go.

Timmy said it was the best day ever! He wants to have his birthday there.

Earth Day

We went out front and learned how to spell Earth using things from the Earth. It hurt my souls to let them pick my flowers but it does look so pretty.

Next project we learned about ocean pollution. We went through our recycling bin and used some trash from breakfast to be our pollution. Then we filled our bin with fresh water and added all the junk. We even had an olive “oil” spill.

It was pretty gross. I asked the kids if they’d like to swim in that water and they were like ewwww mom! I told them that parts of our oceans really do look this way. We discussed the importance of recycling and using as little plastic as we can. Then I asked them if they could bring the water back to fresh.

Of course it was not easy. But they sure tried. I feel like they really grasped the importance of recycling and not littering.

On our white board we talked about all the things we could do differently to help the Earth. My kids love doing this. I write the words and they draw most of the pictures.

And now I’ve created little Earth police. They are very serious about turning lights off now.

For art they colored their own Earth and added bandaids with ideas of how to heal the Earth. My kids love wasting bandaids so this was fun for them.

We ended our week with a trip to the beach to learn about Sea Beans. I was amazed to learn that these little beans travel as far as Africa and end up on our shores.

Somehow our bean search turned into hermit crab catching and now we have 2 new pets: George & Steve.

Grace caught a bunch of sea beans that looked like mini pine cones. Well when we got home apparently shrimp were living in them because we had hundreds of them swimming around.

Lydia had fun with her baby friends. I took the cutest picture of her and one of her boyfriends. Lydia only likes boys. So she has like 4 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend that when they’re together they literally fight the whole time!

Garden Update

I’m obsessed. I love my garden. It is not large by any means but this tiny rectangle of goodness brings me so much joy.

The sunflowers have just started to bloom and it brings back so many good memories. I remember planting them with my mom in our backyard on Long Island when I was a kid.

I can’t wait until they all are blooming. Up against the white fence it’s going to look beautiful.

The lettuce was a fail. From far away it looks like the healthiest thing but I never pulled out the weaker links and now it’s just jam packed and covered in aphids.

The tomatoes are doing ok as long as I caterpillar pick every day. Those things are relentless but I can’t kill them. So every morning I go out and toss them over my fence into the neighbors yard. It really is hard to garden without pesticides but we are doing it. Some tomatoes have been sacrificed because of it.

My pride and joy though is these carrots! You can’t see them growing so it’s so rewarding to pull out a big orange carrot. Like every time more exciting than the next. You might say I’m a little crazy about these carrots. I am.

And they taste even better. We have so many that we let friends come over and pick their own.

My second favorite is the sweet peas. For awhile they just looked like a huge messy weed but then they started flowering and now everyday we pick 6-8 pods. My kids love it.

My cucumbers died. I am in mourning. I think the peas choked them out. And the eggplant even tho they were all planted the same day is still a small plant. I guess they just grow slower. This has been such an awesome experience for my kids. I let them take care of it from weeding the beginning gardening and planting the seeds, making the compost dirt, watering and pick off caterpillars to the harvest. They always ask me, “Are we real farmers mom?” We sure are guys.

The Last Supper

Celebrating the Last Supper with my babies and their friends is the best tradition I’ve ever started.

This is our third annual Last Supper. We get mini plastic “wine” glasses, we break bread and read the story of the Last Supper.

After we went outside with our pitcher of water. We sat in a circle, read the Bible story of the washing of the feet then we passed the pitcher around washing our friends feet. Listening to the giggles and the story come to life for them just makes my whole day.

Seeing Lydia be a part of it this year was the best. Every year builds on the year before and my kids will always know the truth of Easter. That Jesus died for their sins and that He loves them more than they will ever know.

And while we still celebrate with the bunny and the eggs, nothing is more special than the day we celebrate the last supper.

This year I tried it with just Lydia and her little friends. And you know what, they totally got it. They loved the wine glasses, the sharing of the bread and the washing of the feet. They may not know the reason behind all this but next year they might just remember a little bit of it and smile.